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Invited Speakers

We are delighted to welcome...
Steve & Helen Blake

Steve and Helen Blake_edited.png

This amazing couple are giants of the Christian Faith.  They have founded countless churches and inspirited and led ministries all over the world, through



Brought up in a Christian family in country Victoria (Australia), Steve experienced the call of God on his life at an early age. In his late teens, Steve was popular in his region as an anointed singer-guitarist and church youth leader. In his early 20’s, while studying at Bible College, he met his future wife, Helen. From 1977 until 2002, Steve preached and led youth ministries and musical outreaches together with Helen, and started several churches in Victoria and New South Wales. In the late ’80’s, while leading a thriving church in the Hunter Valley, Steve led his first church mission team overseas. God’s call to serious overseas mission involvement grew, and eventually led to the founding of Liberty for the Nations (now Liberty People), in April 1991.

Today, Steve regularly ministers overseas, mainly in the Pacific, Asia, Europe, and the Mediterranean. At home in Australia, his apostolic and preaching gifts serve local churches and church leadership teams, and his engineering and building skills outwork themselves in the designing and planning of building projects in Vanuatu and the Philippines. Visit our YouTube channel for video messages and sermons. (Also, don’t forget to visit our blog for teachings by Steve and others!)


Brought up in Papua New Guinea, Helen was the child of missionary aviation parents. Her Secondary School years were spent in Queensland (Australia) at boarding school, where her primary interest was learning classical music on piano and organ. In her late teens while training to be a nurse, she became very involved in outreach to young drug addicts and in street evangelism. Sensing God’s call all the while to overseas mission, after graduating as an RN she enrolled at the same Bible College as Steve in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales.

Today, Helen manages and works in the Australia offices of Liberty People, and oversees various initiatives and programs in other countries. Helen also enjoys writing, and has authored a short book ‘Liberty Years – Through My Eyes’, a collection of inspiring stories about being Jesus’ hands and feet in the world. To download the eBook in PDF format, click below:

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