Easter at Kilcowera Station

Kilcowera Easter Gathering.jpeg

Postponed until Easter 2023

Join us as we gather together to worship God, and celebrate our Saviour Jesus Christ.

The Gathering begins on Easter Thursday.   After set up of your camp, we will come together for a communal Passover meal, when Jesus celebrated the "Last Supper" with his 12 apostles.  

For Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we will  follow the same pattern of a morning worship celebration, lunch, afternoon free time to enjoy the Outback Wilderness, dinner, and then an evening celebration.   On Saturday night, we will have  a light-hearted concert and variety night.  Anyone can perform an item, song or skit.  

We are seeking God for his presence, for him to speak to us corporately and individually.  

On Monday after breakfast guests can either pack up and depart, or stay longer at the station.  

Please email us for accommodation and meal options.