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Easter at Kilcowera Station

Join us as we gather together to worship God, and celebrate our Saviour Jesus Christ.

The Gathering begins on Easter Thursday.   After set up of your camp, we will come together for a communal Passover meal, when Jesus celebrated the "Last Supper" with his 12 apostles.  

For Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we will  follow the same pattern of a morning worship celebration, lunch, afternoon free time to enjoy the Outback Wilderness, dinner, and then an evening celebration.   On Saturday night, we will have  a light-hearted concert and variety night.  Anyone can perform an item, song or skit.  

We are seeking God for his presence, for him to speak to us corporately and individually.  

On Monday after breakfast guests can either pack up and depart, or stay longer at the station.  

Transport:  Please read this section first, and then read these notes below.


Driving.  A 2-wheel drive car is suitable.  The last part of the journey is on dirt roads which are very well maintained.  Access is from the north via Thargomindah, or from the south via Hungerford.  Check local road conditions before travelling.  Travel times are 13 hours driving from Newcastle, Sydney, or Brisbane.  The best way to make the trip from NSW is to overnight in Bourke.    This has you arriving at the station during daylight hours.  The Darling River motel is close to the Bourke church and has served us well in the past.

Set your GPS navigator to the driveway entrance here.    S-28.6143312, E143.81856    Do not set it to Kilcowera station, or the GPS will take you down sandy creeks!

Flights.  REX flies from Brisbane to Thargomindah and back on Wednesday and Sunday.  As of 4th February, flights are $510 return.

Flights leave around 8 am and arrive at 12 noon with three stops on the way.  We have arranged our bus to meet the flight on Wednesday 5th and drop off on the 12th April.

Fly yourself:  You can self-fly or charter an aircraft.  We have two well-serviced airstrips available on the station.  

Accommodation:  Camping is available for Caravans, Motorhomes, or tents around the Shearers Quarters.  Pristine lagoon camping is also available.  You will need to drive 5 minutes back for showers and kitchen facilities.   Please check  Credit Card facilities are available at the station.

You can pay Kilcowera directly on arrival for accommodation, or you can deposit accommodation fees direct to LCF.   Camping is $40 per site per night.  

Bank details for Lighthouse Christian Fellowship is BSB 062 815.  Account 1051 2982.  

Please email us the receipt for confirmation to   


Meals:  We are planning communal meals.  We recommend a donation to LCF of $50 per person per day for three meals and fruit.  For planning and catering, please advise us in advance.  Otherwise self-catering is available and kitchen facilities are provided.   

Our priority is fresh food with fruit and vegetables, rather than processed food.  

It is difficult to arrange fresh food, so let us know if you can transport fresh food for us.  Closest supermarkets are Dubbo, Bourke, Cunnamulla.  Prior planning is required for us to cater.  

Water is available in abundance through the artesian bore.  The water has a mineral taste, and has been drunk for generations by humans and livestock.  It does not need to be boiled.   

Internet:  Star link satellite internet is installed and available.  Speeds are good.  Data may be limited.  If you need to do more than text and simple browsing, please let us know, because we do not want to crash the service.  

Telstra 3g is also available for data and phone calls.  The speed is adequate for internet browsing.

Clothing:  Please check the Kilcowera website.  Temperatures are usually perfect at Easter.  Bring swimmers as we have a gorgeous dam to float in, and an artesian hot tub for evening relaxation.  

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