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Rediscovering the true meaning of Easter​

"Happy Easter!" It's something we say a lot at this time of year. But how often do we stop and think about what it really means?

For most of us Easter is a time when we get together with our loved ones, have a big winter feast and put on an extra two kilos thanks to all of those cadbury eggs. 

Whilst family time is undeniably important it is still worth reflecting on what the holiday is actually about.

More importantly, to reflect on Jesus Christ and His act of love and sacrifice. About the implications of that act two thousand years later. 

For the past four months we have run a series on the Book Of Luke, publishing one chapter at a time, with the intention of bringing hope to the community. 

The last three years have been difficult years for so many of us. It was a time of great trials and hardship. However, we got through it together, with God's help, faith, sacrifice and resolve. 

We focused on what binds us together and supported each other through the darkest of hours. Now with a new year upon us, it is time for some hope.

We published the Gospel of Luke, from the bible, in papers and on-line.  We started this series with the story of Christ's birth - the meaning of Christmas in the Bible. 

So, it is fitting to finish by reflecting upon the sacrifice of His crucifixion and the eternal hope of His resurrection.

Rediscovering the true meaning of Easter.

But rather than us telling you about it, we want you to discover the story by reading it for yourself. Listen to what Jesus actually said to those who heard him, because his words resonate today. 

The story of Easter is one of the most important ever told. Luke's chapters that tell this story are the most important in the Bible because they bring meaning to the rest of the Bible. If Easter didn't happen, then Jesus would have just been another historical figure, another influencer, and the promises of God in the rest of the Bible remain unanswered and unfulfilled. 

So, was Jesus a good man, a Holy Man, a madman or even an evil man? What did the people who knew him at the time think, and what do you think now when you read the story? 

The Book Of Luke answers all of these questions. It is a timeless story that explains God's plan for us all. It explains how we can relate to each other and how we can relate to God. It shows us how we can have the best life, both in this life and the next. 

It teaches us of our need to be forgiven and to forgive. It shows us why and how we can forgive because Jesus Christ lives and forgives us.

It also teaches us about the Holy Spirit. This is God's power on earth that was given to Jesus and enabled him to do the wonderful things he did. God gives the Holy Spirit to us as well.

By sharing this story with you, we hope you too will find in these timeless chapters and verses, the same encouragement, hope, and joyful living that they have brought us and so many across the ages.

So, enjoy. God bless. And of course, "Happy Easter!"

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