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Themes of the Wilderness in the Bible

When we talk about our "Wilderness Experience" in our culture, we are often referring to a time of emptiness, perhaps loneliness, perhaps a time when we feel God is far away from us.

In the Bible, the Wilderness means something very different.

The Hebrew word for Wilderness is "midbar", which sounds very much like the Hebrew word for "where God speaks".  The Hebrew word tells a story of the Wilderness as a place where God is very present.  It is a place where you empty yourself of the worldly things, and can therefore become full of heavenly, Godly things, becoming full of the very presence of God himself.  That is why Jesus used to retreat to lonely places to pray to his Father in Heaven.   

We will explore this idea of the Wilderness, as a place where we can draw closer to our Creator God, and know his Son Jesus Christ.   

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